Radiator repairs…

We offer a repair and reconditioning service for all types of Radiators. Our team of experts will ensure you are getting the very best out of your Radiator.

Radiators can be made to provide additional cooling capabilities and modified to suit your vehicle’s environment.

The backbone of radiator refurbishment is re-coring. We can source and assemble any size and type of core required to rebuild your existing radiator.

New radiators…

We can supply new Radiators, Intercoolers, Condensors, Oil coolers and Heaters for all sectors of industrial, agricultural, and automotive applications.

We work closely with manufacturers s who supply OE to the Plant, Commercial, Agricultural and car sectors in order to provide a wide range of next day delivery products.

Fabricating from pattern…

At Cropper and Jones we can fabricate new radiators from pattern, this is necessary for a number of reasons:

-The radiator is no longer available to buy new and is not repairable.

-You require your radiator to be adapted to add additional cooling or to work better in dirty environments.

-The application is a custom build or non standard setup.

What ever the reasons, we have the knowledge and skills to help our customers when required.