How long does a Re- core or repair take

A re-core / repair usually takes a few days depending on the workload at the time, we aim to turn around our work as quickly as possible, most repairs can be done on the day.

How much is a Re – Core ?

The cost of a re-core is very dependent on the size of the core, We need the height, width and depth of the core  (not including tanks or side frames) in order to get a quote. We can then discuss a suitable core for your cooling requirements. A photo of the radiator is always recommended so we can see exactly what is involved in the re-core of your radiator.

Do you repair fuel tanks?

Yes we repair all types of fuel tanks including Petrol, Diesel and hydraulic.

We repair Steel, aluminium and plastic.

Do you pressure test?

Of course, we pressure test all our repairs and re-cores and they will come with a guarantee for peace of mind.